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Grant Masters© offers an exclusive format, thereby rendering the ability to search through grants and find businesses that you are compatible with.  Many times businesses incorrectly apply for grants that are not a good match for their organization, which causes them to exhaust hours researching grants that they may not be suited for and vice versa.


At Grant Masters©, our goal is to connect you with the correct type of business that is in line with your organization’s vision, goals and mission.  With the online training support tools that we offer, it makes it easy and simple to write a great grant.  


Our name is Grant Masters© by design.  The membership benefits that are available give you access to build a solid foundation, and to collaborate with other organizations by documenting both organization’s efforts. 


Why continue to procrastinate?  Grant Masters© is here to serve you.  We’re available for you - contact us today!


Phone: (951)268-0365